Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Small Part of Dog Rescue

A few years ago I got involved in dog rescue beyond just adopting. I was asked to assist in a dog transport to get a dog from foster to forever. I thought one time help and I'd be done but boy was I wrong! There is so much that goes into dog rescue and so many people involved.

Transport is exactly as it sounds, transporting a dog from one location to another. Each ride has several "legs" and dozens of people, not only driving but holding dogs, monitoring transports, and updating driver as dogs travel from one leg to the next.

On the transports I've participated in, I've met wonderful people, some who have become friends, witnessed up close just what a dog can overcome, and seen the absolute best of people. Volunteers give of time, weekends,  and countless other aspects of our lives but wouldn't have it any other way. The reward is seeing pictures of the dog with his or her new family. The hard part is not being able to take all the dogs home with us.

If you have interest in helping with dog transport or other volunteer opportunities, check animal rescue sites as almost all breed rescue organizations have transport needs. You can also contact me for additional information and assistance. 

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